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How’s your Professional Image?

It’s World Photography Day so what better time to view your professional image on your social media profiles than today?!

This is a task that shouldn’t be forgotten about. It’s so easy to think when you’ve set up your profiles, chosen your photograph and drafted your bio, that it’s complete. However, it is such a good idea to review and tweak it on a regular basis.

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Business Book Reading

I must admit that I’ve never found it easy to read a business book. I often found them dry and uninspiring. Perhaps I’ve been reading the wrong books all these years?!!

Now that I’m a student on the TechPixies course different books are being recommended to me each week by the TechPixie founder Joy Foster. She encourages us to read books – she recommends ones that she has read and found inspirational. Joy runs the Joy Book Club where she interviews authors of great books.

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Volunteers Week

Starting my PR career in a busy press office for Centrica my manager at the time cajoled me into CIPR membership. (He was the Chair of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire group at the time). I then spent a couple of years working in the Communications Team for Manchester Airport but due to a company restructuring I left to go freelance and have been an independent PR practitioner ever since.

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How Do You Do?

This is the first film of 10 taking you on a journey of the 10 years of Limetree Public Relations.