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March 2015 – Limetree PR
0161 210 5155 bridget@limetreepr.co.uk

‘Streets Ahead’ of its peers with new website from Caffeinated Projects

Monday 16th March 2015 Caffeinated Projects, Oldham-based web development company have shown their generosity recently by offering charity Streets Ahead the chance to truly raise their profile.  Providing  them with a website, domain and hosting, in an attempt to give them  greater recognition and exposure with a heightened internet presence. The new Streets Ahead website, currently in development, gives visitors all the details and information about the Streets Ahead mission, and also indicates where and how Streets Ahead is providing aid to the less fortunate throughout the Manchester and surrounding area. In addition to this, it offers information on how those wishing to do so can help, by donating goods or volunteering their time. The new website is an excellent means to keep up with this group, and all the good they are bringing to the area. Donating their time to a very worthy cause Stumbling upon Streets Ahead on Twitter networking hour #OldhamHour was a happy coincidence for Caffeinated Projects, who has been looking for a charity to help out. The primary objective of the Streets Ahead group is to provide nourishment and weather appropriate clothing to those in need locally, and the mission was started about a year ago, with the beginning of Tuk Tuk Tuesdays, a fantastic program with volunteered distributing necessary goods to those in needs. Over the past year this has evolved into a much busier program with volunteers distributing a wide array of useful items several nights a week, bringing relief and fellowship to those needing it the most. Distributing rucksacks carefully stocked with useful items to assist users is a big part of...
Career Support

Career Support

Anyone who knows me will know how keen I am to support the younger generation particularly if they have an interest in PR for a career. There are a number of ways in which I’ve been able to do this recently:- Taking a stand at my local High school on Careers/Options evening  Many children (and adults come to that matter) do not realise they could opt for a career in PR, what is involved, what subjects they need to study and what organisations they could work for with a PR qualification. Providing Manchester Metropolitan University Business School Public Relations Masters students with work experience Many years ago when I was a student I benefitted from work experience but more importantly a mentor to ask questions of and receive coaching from. Last year I was able to offer one of the business school students a significant amount of work experience. She was very keen, astute and very willing to get involved; she really benefited from the ‘hands-on’ experience equipping her with confidence and skills to sell herself to the first company who interviewed her days after graduating!...
CIPR Pride Award Finalist

CIPR Pride Award Finalist

Receiving recognition for a piece of work is always exciting and a real endorsement of a job well done. It’s also exciting for the client too to see their name in the spotlight too! There was no one more excited than me when the project submitted on behalf of the film competition Enter the Pitch was shortlisted in the Not for Profit category. Nervously on the awards night I was proud to be sat with some big teams and agencies competing for the title. Coming away as Finalist was enough recognition for me that the piece of work carried out for the competition was a job well done! Not just doubling the number of people entering the competition, gaining loads of media coverage, increased reach on social media and reaching further education film making courses and universities but receiving national recognition from the PR industry. I am proud to display the certificate on my office...
Accredited Practitioner

Accredited Practitioner

As a long serving member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and as with most membership organisations we are encouraged to collect CPD points. With the PR profession, particularly as a business owner, I feel it is important for my clients and potential clients to recognise the importance of continuous development. For me it is more than collecting points – it’s all about learning. We none of us know everything and can never stop learning. Being part of the programme has helped me learn about new developments and trends within our industry and being in a position to weave these into my client’s projects. When choosing a PR company to work on and within your business it is important to choose someone to like and trust but more importantly know they are on top of their game. I am therefore proud to say that recently I have been awarded Accredited Practitioner...

Caffeinated Projects Sponsor HackOldham For A Further Six Months

Caffeinated Projects are delighted to announce that they will be sponsoring HackOldham for another six months. With a passion for collaborative working, bringing innovative ideas to fruition the internet consultancy firm were keen to support the project as well  as supporting the local community. The HackOldham project,  is a hackspace designed for the people of Oldham. It is a space where people can work together to bring ideas to life, whether it is creating a new product or concept, or even starting a new business. It is all about people with common interests joining together. The interests can be anything from digital art, to technology, to computers to something entirely different. Drawing on the experience of the community ensures that local businesses thrive, which is something both Caffeinated Projects and HackOldham hold dear. Who are Caffeinated Projects? Based in Oldham, the innovative company offers a wide range of Internet services, including web design, development, marketing, hosting, online back up, training and much, much more. They state: “Whether your project is large or small, we can help give it a little extra caffeine.” They have an impeccable reputation in the industry that is highlighted by the positive customer feedback they have received. When speaking about their vision, HackOldham state the following: “A co-working environment where people can work on software projects, websites or just computer work and a workshop where people work on more physical items, whether that be crafts or prototyping ideas.” Caffeinated Projects have invested in supporting the local community and they believe HackOldham mirrors their commitment to Oldham as well as their innovative and collaborative working stance as...