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Bridget Batty – Limetree PR
0161 210 5155 bridget@limetreepr.co.uk


Last week I had the honour of receiving a Silver award for Outstanding Independent Practitioner for the North West region at the CIPR Pride Awards 2017. I must admit it took a lot of courage to put myself forward but delighted I did now! The reaction from others has been unbelievable and to be recognised for my work in this way has been confidence boosting to say the least. Working as an independent practitioner can be a lonely scary place at times but I’ve always gained my support through various business networks and my CIPR colleagues. As a member of the CIPR and the North West committee I couldn’t have felt more proud of my profession and honoured to be part of such a wonderful evening. On entering the main room it was hard not to be impressed by the décor and exciting vibe in the air. Mr Wilson’s Second Liners, a vibrant dancing brass band marched around the room as guests found their seats further adding excitement to the atmosphere. Then there was a pub -style quiz to entertain everyone before hearing about Kids Can charity which was supported by a raffle. Of course the awards are meant to be the highlight of the evening but these were preceded by the announcement of the Special Recognition Award. Many of the PR community were affected by the Manchester terror attack in May but it was widely felt that the GMP communications team were at the frontline by supporting victims, families and the wider community. This was clearly felt by everyone in the room as they received their award to...

Using Testimonials to Create Stories is Great PR!

Do you ask your clients and customers for a quote after you’ve done a great job for them? Do you actually use this testimonial to endorse a product or service and generate media stories? You may be wondering how that can be done? I use these customer quotes to build a story;  a testimonial on its own doesn’t give any context. By putting the testimonial into context and explaining the circumstances and benefits builds a great case study. This is a great way to get your message into the media as journalists love stories. As with any story these case studies have a beginning middle and end along with a quote to endorse it. Let me explain! When a customer buys from you, there will be buying for a reason.   They will have had a problem, needed a replacement or a solution to their problem or simply wanted to make a purchase because of your reputation. You will have provided a solution or a product that has solved that problem and as a result there will be lots of benefits and (hopefully) a happy customer. The information gathering steps:- Recognising the need Understanding the issues Providing a solution Identifying the Benefits Gaining a customer endorsement Go along and chat. Have an interview.   Snap some photos. Take a film clip, perhaps. Hey presto! You have all the makings of a case study! Now you can approach your chosen media and supply the case study. They will be much more likely to take your article if it comes with a case study. Give it a go or if you’d like some...

Providing the WOW Factor

  This is the seventh in the series of ‘Limetree PR Turns 10’. It’s all about event management and is filmed at the gorgeous George Street Chapel at an event I planned and organised. It’s a busy little film with lots going on! The key to a successful event is in the planning. Meticulous planning looks at every detail and is sure to include a WOW factor. Something which makes the event memorable. There’s lots of pictures of different events I’ve organised. Starting with the international launch of the fire training simulator for Manchester Airport Fire Service to opening recycling plants to organising shop openings, award ceremonies and conferences. If you read the newsletter from last month then the observant ones amongst you will notice it was filmed at the same location. You will see that everyone is having a great time due to the noise level! I make no apologies for this! This is real life, a small window into my working life! If you look closely you may even spot yourself or people that you know!...

Do you have an Identity Crisis?

    Sixth in the ‘Limetree PR Turns 10’ series is Identity Crisis? This film shares my thoughts on identity, logo and brand.  Your logo may be one of the first identifying features potential customers will spot relating to your company or organisation.  It says a lot about your brand and the way you use it; it may be the first impression people make of you on social media too. Making the film Identity Crisis was filmed in the beautifully restored George Street Chapel at the end of a networking event. You will notice that everyone is having a great time due to the noise level!  I make no apologies for this!  This is real life, a small window into the life of a PR professional! If you look closely you may spot people you know or even yourself! Thanking clients is great PR I have to make a special mention and say a big thank you to one of my clients Stephanie Doherty, Managing Director of CareMark, Oldham for being willing to share her...
I’ve been shortlisted for a PR Award!

I’ve been shortlisted for a PR Award!

I’ve been Shortlisted for CIPR Outstanding Independent Practitioner for the North West region. Woo! Hoo! I will be kept in suspense until November though, when the highly prestigious award ceremony will be held at The Principal Hotel in Manchester. It is a tense occasion when the great and the good of the PR world will be present, competing against each other for the top prizes. The CIPR North West region is one of the largest outside of London boasting a healthy membership and is a key region for PR activity outside of London. CIPR North West region includes the counties of Cumbria, Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire so be shortlisted amongst these is really exciting. CIPR Membership I joined the CIPR back in 2001, then 10 years later was voted onto the CIPR North West committee. One of my commitments on the committee is to encourage other PR companies, agencies and in-house practitioners to apply for the annual awards, of which there are numerous categories. I’m always on the lookout for competitions and encouraging my own clients to enter awards so this year I’ve submitted an entry myself and am through to the final! My submission will have been marked by a panel of independent judges outside the North West region with the shortlisting being announced on social media a few weeks later. Independent Practitioners provide great value I often say you don’t need to use a big city centre PR agency to gain the best PR support and this shortlisting is proof of that too! Being recognised as an award finalist or winner clearly demonstrates the value...