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Bridget Batty – Page 2 – Limetree PR
0161 210 5155 bridget@limetreepr.co.uk

Road to Hollywood

This month we are launching our fifth film ‘Road to Hollywood’. Yes, I really do work with people who land up going to Hollywood! That’s the prize for the top film maker who wins ‘The Pitch’ film competition each year. The winner has the opportunity to develop their short film idea, take it to Hollywood and gain feedback from industry professionals. I love working with such creative people. The themes and ideas they come up with sometimes are really enthralling. Watching them grow as people is such an exciting journey too. We love having the opportunity of getting to know them better and finding different ways of sharing their story. Not only do we work with film makers, following both their personal and script work development; we work with all clients who want their share of the limelight! Whether that is to source the right celebrity or figure-head for their project, campaign or event. We take away their stress and headaches to make all the arrangements allowing them to get on with their day job. After all that’s what we are good at and what we love doing! Well, who doesn’t love seeing their name in...

Where do you get your news from?

These days I gain most of my news from twitter. I love it!  It gives me the opportunity to scan headlines, click through to read fuller articles or watch video clips or news programmes. I often hear people say – “I just don’t get twitter”.  For me, it is a great platform for information. As a business owner though, wanting to share information about your products or services,it means you need to have plenty of links to share with your audience.  This is where PR comes in.  If you have PR in place then blogs, articles, testimonials, film clips and shareable stories can be prepared for you. Even better if they sit on your website, people click on the links and visit your...
Award Winner

Award Winner

    I’m so excited to share the good news that one of my clients, who I submitted for the Oldham Business Person of the Year, won in his category last Friday night! Being involved in each stage by researching, interviewing, drafting the content, copy checking and proof reading the application several times to perfect it in readiness for submission to the Oldham Business Awards; I think I was as anxious as Mike was. At each stage of the way, being shortlisted and reaching finalist stage was as nerve racking for me as it was for him! Attending the awards ceremony, listening to the announcements and watching others receive their awards I felt equally nervous. It was a privilege to be there to hear Mike’s name being announced! I felt as if I had won the award, I was that chuffed! Mike Braddock is CEO of PARFAS an integrated security monitoring company who provide installation services and operate their own Category 2 BS5797 approved alarm receiving centre operating 24/7, 365 days a year. What amazing PR for...


    Our latest film ‘Digging for Gold’ is set at a ‘Professional Oldham’ networking event inside the beautifully restored George Street Chapel which is now owned by Age UK and used as an events and heritage centre. It’s a busy little film with lots of activity in the background. You will see lots of chatting and networking going on behind me: people getting to know each another in a very informal and relaxed environment. I sit on the steering committee for Professional Oldham along with the Business Editor of our local newspaper, a solicitors firm, a care provider and Dr Kershaw’s Hospice. We each bring something different to the table when we plan, organise and evaluate the events. Primarily set up to plug a gap in the market locally, Professional Oldham provides a setting for professionals to network, proffer opportunities to refer work to each and discuss collaborative project ideas. I give my time voluntarily to this. You may ask why? For myself and Limetree PR it is a great way to raise the profile of our business as all the publicity material and articles mention our name. On this occasion at the chapel I sponsored the event which enabled me to really demonstrate what Limetree PR is all about; not only to those present on the evening, to everyone on Professional Oldham guest list, readers of the Oldham Chronicle, but to all our social media contacts too. It has also given us plenty to chat about on our Limetree PR social media channels too! What a fantastic PR opportunity for Limetree PR?!! When was the last time...
Digging for Gold

Digging for Gold

This month we are launching our fourth film Digging for Gold. Who doesn’t want to find gold within their organisation? Sometimes it just needs another pair of eyes to find it though! I often find that people think they have something worth talking about but it’s only when we start digging around that we find true gold! These golden nuggets can make fantastic stories which can reap great rewards for you. So let us work with you to find the ideas, develop the stories and hit gold! If you’ve missed the other films don’t worry you can still watch them by clicking the links below? Why not subscribe to our You Tube channel so you’ll be first to watch the remaining titles as they get released. How do you do? Winning Friends...