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Write YOUR Story

I’m a wordsmith. I’m good with words. I’ll help translate what is in your head into words which will connect with your audience. Or I can help you come up with the words and ideas if your mind is blank.

Here are some ways in which we can write your story:-


The great work you do for clients are fantastic stories which need to be written up in the form of a case study. Happy customers are invaluable to the success of your company or organisation. Customers endorsing a product or service are the best recommendations you can get! Once you’ve got a great case study written up you can use it for PR, on your website and in your marketing. You’ve done the hard work of wowing the client so don’t waste it! Let me write it up so you can share it. It’s what will bring you new clients.

To make case studies even stronger I can arrange for them to be photographed and/or filmed. These will be great for your website and social media marketing.


A case study used in Manchester Metropolitan University Prospectus


These days it is not enough just to have a website, launch it once and then forget about it. In order for your target audience to find you on google and to keep your rankings high, your website needs topping up regularly with new content.

I can write content for your website, blogs, articles, newsletter and social media for you: all linked back to your website.


Your web content will be professionally written and topped up on a regular basis without you worrying.

Here are some examples of copy we’ve written for websites


We can produce informative materials to share your message

  • Drafting brief for design, co ordinating detailed copy, editing and proof reading preparing for print (Illustrate with Photographs of documents)
  • Limetree PR leaflet


Newsletters are a great way of keeping in touch with staff, clients and customers.

We can advise on e-bulletins, online newsletter and good old fashioned hard copy magazines.

If this is something you are interested in then let’s get together for a chat to decide the best option for you.

Here’s an example of an e-newsletter we’ve prepared