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Social Media Day

Social Media Day

Today is Social Media Day! Yes, there is a day dedicated to celebrating everything social media. You might be thinking – that’s nothing new – isn’t every day a social media day?

National Freelancers Day

National Freelancers Day

Apparently 1 in 7 people in the UK are self-employed. There are many reasons why freelancers work in this way. Self employment is attractive to many for personal reasons, they may have been made redundant, lost their job due to Covid, don’t want to be tied to full time working hours, they may be a carer or be semi-retired, or they may simply feel that they have many skills to offer of variety of people due to their career experience.

Do you treat your clients like royalty?

Do you treat your clients like royalty?

Whilst you might not be a royalist you won’t have been able to miss the fact that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth has just celebrated 70 years on the throne and that we have all been treated to an extra bank holiday to mark the Platinum Jubilee celebrations!
I’d like you consider for a moment – do you treat your customers as the most important part of your business? If so, do you regard them like Kings and Queens?

How Do You Do?

This is the first film of 10 taking you on a journey of the 10 years of Limetree Public Relations.