Caffeinated Projects Sponsor HackOldham For A Further Six Months

Caffeinated Projects are delighted to announce that they will be sponsoring HackOldham for another six months. With a passion for collaborative working, bringing innovative ideas to fruition the internet consultancy firm were keen to support the project as well  as supporting the local community.

The HackOldham project,  is a hackspace designed for the people of Oldham. It is a space where people can work together to bring ideas to life, whether it is creating a new product or concept, or even starting a new business. It is all about people with common interests joining together. The interests can be anything from digital art, to technology, to computers to something entirely different. Drawing on the experience of the community ensures that local businesses thrive, which is something both Caffeinated Projects and HackOldham hold dear.

Who are Caffeinated Projects?

Based in Oldham, the innovative company offers a wide range of Internet services, including web design, development, marketing, hosting, online back up, training and much, much more. They state: “Whether your project is large or small, we can help give it a little extra caffeine.” They have an impeccable reputation in the industry that is highlighted by the positive customer feedback they have received.

When speaking about their vision, HackOldham state the following: “A co-working environment where people can work on software projects, websites or just computer work and a workshop where people work on more physical items, whether that be crafts or prototyping ideas.”

Caffeinated Projects have invested in supporting the local community and they believe HackOldham mirrors their commitment to Oldham as well as their innovative and collaborative working stance as a company.

Caffeinated Projects welcomes any questions regarding their sponsorship of HackOldham. Send an email to and they will respond as quickly as possible. Alternatively, to speak to someone directly, dial 0161 826 1827.