Career Support

Anyone who knows me will know how keen I am to support the younger generation particularly if they have an interest in PR for a career.

There are a number of ways in which I’ve been able to do this recently:-

Taking a stand at my local High school on Careers/Options evening 

Many children (and adults come to that matter) do not realise they could opt for a career in PR, what is involved, what subjects they need to study and what organisations they could work for with a PR qualification.

Providing Manchester Metropolitan University Business School Public Relations Masters students with work experience

Many years ago when I was a student I benefitted from work experience but more importantly a mentor to ask questions of and receive coaching from. Last year I was able to offer one of the business school students a significant amount of work experience. She was very keen, astute and very willing to get involved; she really benefited from the ‘hands-on’ experience equipping her with confidence and skills to sell herself to the first company who interviewed her days after graduating!