Why Support A Careers Event?

An annual fixture in my diary now is to support a Careers/Options evening at my local high school but why do I go?

In true 10 year anniversary style, here are 10 reasons:-

1) I’m a local business looking to support my local community

2) My children used to attend this school so I see it as a way of paying back

3) It gives me chance to profile my business to parents who accompany their children

4) Sometimes I’m supported by local university PR students who benefit from explaining what PR is!

5) It keeps me on my toes as I need to do something different each year

6) I challenge myself to be interactive – giving the students something to do when they visit my stand

7) I profile my professional organisation – the CIPR – with whom I am a member and North West committee member to. Membership reassures my clients that I adhere to a professional code of conduct

8) It’s a great opportunity to write content. Often the local newspaper photographer is invited to the event. Even if they aren’t I will write my own news release or write content for our website and share on social media too

9) I support the Positive Steps Careers Adviser based in the school whose role it is to talk to pupils about career opportunities and share local business and networking news with her

10) It broadens horizons. Many such events are represented by traditional career options whereas PR has such vast opportunities.  It’s a growing profession particularly with PR being a Chartered profession now

AND guess what I had a memory game for the children and parents to play!

In true Generation Game style they had to remember 10 objects on my stand which I consequently covered up. Each object representing 10 areas of work we have been involved in over the last decade.

I’m sure there could be many reasons why you could participate in such an event.

Have I inspired you yet?