Our latest film ‘Digging for Gold’ is set at a ‘Professional Oldham’ networking event inside the beautifully restored George Street Chapel which is now owned by Age UK and used as an events and heritage centre.

It’s a busy little film with lots of activity in the background. You will see lots of chatting and networking going on behind me: people getting to know each another in a very informal and relaxed environment.

I sit on the steering committee for Professional Oldham along with the Business Editor of our local newspaper, a solicitors firm, a care provider and Dr Kershaw’s Hospice. We each bring something different to the table when we plan, organise and evaluate the events. Primarily set up to plug a gap in the market locally, Professional Oldham provides a setting for professionals to network, proffer opportunities to refer work to each and discuss collaborative project ideas.

I give my time voluntarily to this. You may ask why? For myself and Limetree PR it is a great way to raise the profile of our business as all the publicity material and articles mention our name. On this occasion at the chapel I sponsored the event which enabled me to really demonstrate what Limetree PR is all about; not only to those present on the evening, to everyone on Professional Oldham guest list, readers of the Oldham Chronicle, but to all our social media contacts too. It has also given us plenty to chat about on our Limetree PR social media channels too!

What a fantastic PR opportunity for Limetree PR?!!

When was the last time you invited guests round to your office? Organised a social event for your clients? Demonstrated a new piece of equipment or hosted a trade group meeting on your site?

I know some of you will not be keen on networking. Not everyone is comfortable with it, I know, but I’m pretty sure if you look hard enough and link it with other marketing opportunities it could really raise the profile of your business too! AND it’s all good PR!