Road to Hollywood

This month we are launching our fifth film ‘Road to Hollywood’. Yes, I really do work with people who land up going to Hollywood! That’s the prize for the top film maker who wins ‘The Pitch’ film competition each year. The winner has the opportunity to develop their short film idea, take it to Hollywood and gain feedback from industry professionals.
I love working with such creative people. The themes and ideas they come up with sometimes are really enthralling. Watching them grow as people is such an exciting journey too. We love having the opportunity of getting to know them better and finding different ways of sharing their story.
Not only do we work with film makers, following both their personal and script work development; we work with all clients who want their share of the limelight! Whether that is to source the right celebrity or figure-head for their project, campaign or event. We take away their stress and headaches to make all the arrangements allowing them to get on with their day job. After all that’s what we are good at and what we love doing!

Well, who doesn’t love seeing their name in lights?!!