Using Testimonials to Create Stories is Great PR!

Do you ask your clients and customers for a quote after you’ve done a great job for them? Do you actually use this testimonial to endorse a product or service and generate media stories? You may be wondering how that can be done?

I use these customer quotes to build a story;  a testimonial on its own doesn’t give any context. By putting the testimonial into context and explaining the circumstances and benefits builds a great case study. This is a great way to get your message into the media as journalists love stories.

As with any story these case studies have a beginning middle and end along with a quote to endorse it.

Let me explain! When a customer buys from you, there will be buying for a reason.   They will have had a problem, needed a replacement or a solution to their problem or simply wanted to make a purchase because of your reputation. You will have provided a solution or a product that has solved that problem and as a result there will be lots of benefits and (hopefully) a happy customer.

The information gathering steps:-

  • Recognising the need
  • Understanding the issues
  • Providing a solution
  • Identifying the Benefits
  • Gaining a customer endorsement

Go along and chat. Have an interview.   Snap some photos. Take a film clip, perhaps.

Hey presto! You have all the makings of a case study! Now you can approach your chosen media and supply the case study. They will be much more likely to take your article if it comes with a case study.

Give it a go or if you’d like some help please drop me a line.