Business Book Reading

Don’t you love a good book, particularly a novel where you can get easily lost and find yourself transported to another world for a few hours?

I must admit that I’ve never found it easy to read a business book.  I often found them dry and uninspiring.  Perhaps I’ve been reading the wrong books all these years?!!

Now that I’m a student on the TechPixies course different books are being recommended to me each week by the TechPixie founder Joy Foster.  She encourages us to read books – she recommends ones that she has read and found inspirational.  Joy runs the Joy Book Club where she interviews authors of great books.

A few weeks ago, I joined the Book Club session to listen to Joy interviewing Holly Tucker of ‘Not on the High Street’ fame and author of Do what you LOVE what you do The title of this book is a great motto for entrepreneurs and business owners alike isn’t it? It’s also a great motto for general life.

This book has been referred to as a Business Bible with a difference.  Whether you are new to business or been in business for 10 years or more there is something for everyone to learn or align themselves to.

I knew I was going to enjoy this interview as it opened up with talk about making everyday count and how by living in gratitude we could all experience abundance in our lives. That sounded pretty wholesome to me so I was hooked!

I loved the way that Holly presented herself and how she talked about her business; she came across so real, so human, honest and authentic.  She didn’t pretend life had been easy for her (she shared some of the had tough times she’d personally experienced), however she told us that creativity had been her saviour during these tough times in life.

I’ve always heard other entrepreneurs preach about passion and how we should be passionate about what we do.  You probably have too.  I’d never heard anyone preach about creativity and how we might find the answers within our younger selves though.  If you are new to business or looking to create a business perhaps you should look within yourself; explore what you love and what you used to love doing as a child.  Perhaps you could go back there and recreate something?

I’ve since been out to buy the book.  I took Holly’s advice and ordered the book from an independent bookstore and went into the town centre to collect it.

Small independent businesses need our support to thrive.  I can’t tell you how excited the local Waterstones shop manager was to present me with my book!

Since the interview I have loved reading the book.  It’s one of those that I will refer to, time and time again – just like a Bible.  There are golden nuggets at the end of each chapter.

I loved Holly’s style.  It is very real, very practical and very implementable!

Whether you go out and buy it today on #NationalBookLoversDay or not I’d certainly recommend Do what you LOVE what you do to you!

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