How’s your Professional Image?

It’s World Photography Day so what better time to view your professional image on your social media profiles than today?!

This is a task that shouldn’t be forgotten about.  It’s so easy to think when you’ve set up your profiles, chosen your photograph and drafted your bio, that it’s complete. However, it is such a good idea to review and tweak it on a regular basis.

Ideally, the photograph you use should be used across all your professional platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, IG and Facebook) for consistency, so when people search your name they will easily recognise you as they’ve seen you before.

Photographs should ideally be shot against a clear background free of clutter and ideally just include a headshot.   Your head should not be adorned with sunglasses or a hat either.  Your clothing should be representative of your industry and therefore you need to be dressed appropriately for your profession or job.

Remember your photograph is the first impression a visitor has when looking at your account and so you want to make it count!

A photograph is the most important part of your bio.  It should fit in with your brand look and feel.   If you are the business owner, then it is a good idea to be on brand.  E.g., if you have stars in your logo then wear a scarf or top with stars on or if your brand colour is blue then highlight with wearing blue to make you more memorable.

Sometimes, it may be appropriate to use a BitMoji.  They can be fun to use as a profile photo but make sure that it compliments any other header photos you are using to keep your profile synchronised.

There are lots of hints and tips on how to update your profile by having a well written bio too.  Each platform offers different word counts, some have limited character space so it’s important to consider each platform individually. The use of keywords, hashtags and emojis can vary from platform to platform too.

If you require support in this area, please drop me a line