When was the last time you took a photograph?

I spent last weekend in the Lake District and whilst out on a walk around Bassenthwaite Lake I spotted this tree.  In fact, there were several trees like this lining the edge or our footpath.  It was the root formation that stopped me in my tracks, forcing me to stop to admire how much of the root structure was exposed and so I took the picture as a momento of the day.  I had never seen anything quite like it before!

As you probably know, I love trees anyway but normally it is the structure above the ground, the tree shape, the tree trunk, its bark or the shape of the leaves which we admire but never really consider how much of the tree is actually hidden underground.

It got me thinking afterwards.  As I studied the picture again, I noticed how strong the roots were, almost like branches underground, how many roots there were and how far they stretched.  It was the root structure that gave the tree such a firm foundation.  There is an analogy here with planning, I thought…..

How much planning do we do in our businesses?  Everyone will have a business plan but who has a Communications or Marketing Plan and who has a Social Media Content Plan?  Plans are like roots – they provide us with objectives and targets and essential a map for moving forward and getting messages out there in a planned and cohesive way.   Communications Strategies and Social Media Content Plans should mirror the direction of our business.

You will have heard the phrase that a picture speaks a thousand words. I think this picture does.  There is so much that we can learn from it.   There is splendor all around us if only we take the time to pause, admire its beauty and take it all in.

If you feel you need to bolster your Marketing Communications planning and recognise that need need to have a more robust Communications Plan in place then please get in touch.