National Freelancers Day

Do you use Freelancers in your business?

Apparently 1 in 7 people in the UK are self-employed. There are many reasons why freelancers work in this way.  Self employment is attractive to many for personal reasons, they may have been made redundant, lost their job due to Covid, don’t want to be tied to full time working hours, they may be a carer or be semi-retired, or they may simply feel that they have many skills to offer of variety of people due to their career experience.  The coronavirus outbreak did have a significant impact on the self-employment market but according to ONS the rise in self-employment has increased in the last quarter. Freelancers can be contracted for a defined period, fill a gap as an interim manager or bring expertise as a consultant.  Freelancers can be an attraction to an organisation as they work flexibly to support you and your business.

Why use a Marketing Communications Freelancer?

Whilst you might have an inhouse Marketing team there may be a weakness in their skillset, long term illness or simply not enough hours in the day to deliver on certain projects.

Communications Specialists such as myself:-

  • Bring years of experience
  • Are always build on their skillset by offering the latest thinking
  • Committed to CPD to maintain their learning
  • Bring industry accreditation from CIPR
  • Share wide ranging industry experience
  • Work flexibly as we are used to working in different environments
  • Recommend new thinking
  • Help your existing team think outside of the box
  • Can complement your existing team or work alongside them
  • Project managed an event or standalone project
  • Offer PR expertise or social media management training
  • Deliver event management service
  • Assist with Communications Strategy
  • Provide Copywriting / Content writing skills
  • Carry out Research
  • Deliver ‘Story by Design’ service from your customer reviews

So next time your agency or marketing team need some support where will you turn?

If there is a project you need support on, or your team are struggling for time then please drop me a line  I’d be happy to have a chat to see where I can help.