Social Media Day

It’s Social Media Day today

Today is Social Media Day!  Yes, there is a day dedicated to celebrating everything social media.  You might be thinking – that’s nothing new – isn’t every day a social media day?

Why celebrate Social Media Day?

Social media might be ubiquitous now, but it hasn’t always been like this. Social Media Day was first introduced by Mashable, an entertainment and multi-platform media business on 30 June 2010.

The purpose of Social Media Day is to celebrate the impact social media has had on worldwide communications.  Let’s be honest here – social media has changed our lives forever – we can now connect with anyone around the world so easily.

Today 12 years on social media is not just limited to connecting people on a personal level but professionally too.

Different Social Media Platforms

Social media started back in 2002 with Friendster then many new platforms have been introduced since.  2003 saw the arrival of  LinkedIn and Facebook in 2004.  UTube in 2005, Twitter in 2006 and WhatsApp in 2009. Then Instagram in 2010 and Snapchat in 2011.  It can be confusing which ones to use and why and I’ve just listed the most popular ones here but there are many more!

Social Media for Business

The business community have embraced social media, in fact if your business is not using social media, you are certainly lagging behind!   To be honest if you are not using social media strategically either you could be wasting your time and energy too.

Social Media has become a profession.  Larger companies not only have Marketing departments they now employ social media teams to manage their social media, run campaigns and promotions.  Roles such as Social Media Manager, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Influencers etc are now necessary positions.

Social Media Strategy

For your business to really benefit from social media you need to have a Social Media Strategy.  This involves research, content planning and collaborating with other parts of the business so that it is all aligned with your overall business plan.  It is essential to have objectives so that you can monitor your social media activity and see what is working for you.

Social Media Support

Obviously not every organization is large enough to employ their own social media expert but you could employ one on a freelance basis one to get you going!  You might have been trying to post content on several different platforms thinking that you need to show up in different places but if you are finding this confusing and overwhelming you might need the help of an expert to help you.

This is where I can help.  Contact me if you need some help with unravelling some of the confusion you may have around social media.