Portray the right image for you

Here to let everyone know how great you are!


This is something we can certainly help you with …

We can give you a set of key factors to consider and ideas to present your business well.

Linked with your key messages we can write a brief and liaise with a designer to get a professional job done.

Whether you have been trading for a while or just starting out, business image is all important to brand identity.  Having a great reputation is a key part of your business and should reflect you from every angle.

Presenting your company and organisation well is all part of reputation building; building that unique image and brand. Knowing how much content to write on a poster or exhibition stand, choosing a writing style and typeface, to providing the essential information for an invitation or e-bulletin is all key to building your audience’s understanding.

Reputation goes as far as presenting yourself well too. The style of clothes you wear, quality of your business cards, operating from a stylish office – even down to the car you drive!  It all has an impact on reputation


You will have a logo/brand and image to build on.

You will have posters and exhibition stands which are eye-catching.

You will be able to deliver messages which engage your audience.

You will be able to confidently present your business knowing that every customer-facing aspect proudly reflects you.

 Here are some examples of recent projects we’ve worked on

“Bridget was invaluable in raising the profile of Pringle Accountants on the back of the Small Business Saturday campaign. She took a real interest in what we were doing and achieved some fantastic exposure. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her.”

Ruth Pringle

Director / Pringle Accountants Ltd